Iowa Says It Will Opt In to FirstNet System

Iowa became the fifth state today to announce that it would allow AT&T, Inc., the First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet) network partner, to build a radio access network (RAN) in its state rather than attempting to contract to build one. “The FirstNet network will not only strengthen and modernize public safety communications in our state, but also bring much needed investment to our communications infrastructure,” said Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R.). “The network builds on AT&T’s existing footprint to expand coverage and capacity. AT&T has invested nearly $150 million in its Iowa network infrastructure over the past three years. By partnering with FirstNet, we will be able to expand coverage for first responders. As a result, this will also help expand coverage for rural Iowans, providing access to a reliable, high speed wireless connection in areas with little or no connectivity today.”

“Iowa is a longtime leader in public safety communications technology, from using public school Wi-Fi to connect emergency personnel on school grounds to today’s decision to become part of the FirstNet network,” said FirstNet President TJ Kennedy. “With Governor Reynolds’ decision, Iowa is putting cutting-edge, lifesaving technology in public safety’s hands. FirstNet looks forward to continuing to work with Iowa to build the network and equip the state’s first responders with the technology they need to save lives and keep Iowa’s communities safe.”

Iowa joins Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia, and Wyoming in opting into the FirstNet network.- Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily