NAB Blasts Microsoft TVWS Proposal

The National Association of Broadcasters today reiterated its criticism of Microsoft Corp.’s call for the FCC to reserve three TV white spaces channels nationwide for unlicensed devices. In an ex parte filing in MB docket 15-146 and GN docket 12-268 reporting on meetings with FCC officials, NAB said that “Microsoft’s proposal will cause direct and immediate harm to translators and low power television stations displaced by the broadcast television spectrum incentive auction.

These stations will need to find new channels in a smaller, more congested television band. Microsoft proposes to remove one available channel that could otherwise be used to keep such stations on the air. Microsoft attempts to dispute this harm by asserting that there will be plenty of spectrum for everyone — but that argument only demonstrates that the proposal is unnecessary. If there is plenty of spectrum for everyone, there is no need to reserve it for Microsoft. Literally the only reason to reserve spectrum for unlicensed use is precisely because Microsoft is concerned there will not be enough vacant spectrum following the television repack.”

Courtesy TRDaily