Ligado Stresses Need for Infrastructure

Ligado Networks LLC President and Chief Executive Officer Doug Smith stressed in a blog posting today the importance of digital infrastructure.  “Policy-makers must help foster efficient use of spectrum and digital infrastructure growth.  In embracing the future of digital infrastructure, we can improve our physical infrastructure, including our crumbling roads and bridges, grow our economy, revitalize and expand our workforce, and catalyze even more private sector investment, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation and opportunity,” Mr. Smith said.

“Ligado and other companies are prepared to put idle spectrum to work to develop and deploy new technologies to add billions of dollars to the U.S. economy, to create hundreds of thousands of skilled and unskilled jobs, and to invest in America’s digital infrastructure.  These investments will not only benefit our communities, make our economy more competitive, create new opportunities for our workers, and allow the U.S. to maintain its leadership position, but it will signify a return to the American tradition of striving to meet and exceed modern demands.”

Courtesy TRDaily