Inmarsat Reiterates Ligado Support

Inmarsat, Inc., has reiterated “its support for prompt Commission action on Ligado’s Modification Applications.” In an ex parte filing yesterday in IB dockets 11-109 and 12-340, Inmarsat said it was responding to a June filing (TR Daily, June 21) by aviation and aerospace industry interests that mentioned their concern “about the potential impact to Inmarsat’s systems that might be caused by Ligado’s proposed terrestrial deployment.” Inmarsat said that the parties incorrectly said that Inmarsat had expressed concern about Ligado’s planned network in response to a consultation by the United Kingdom’s Office of Communications (Ofcom).

In response to the Inmarsat filing, a Ligado spokesperson said today that the company “is pleased industry leaders such as Inmarsat support our proposal and are urging the Commission to take action. Inmarsat not only corrected the record, but together with the filing made recently by Metro Aviation, Inmarsat’s filing makes clear that assertions made by ASRI [Aviation Spectrum Resources, Inc.] in their filings are not representative of the views of the entire aviation industry. Our proposal is the product of significant collaboration and compromise with many stakeholders, and we are confident the Commission will make a decision based on fact and the public’s interest.”

Courtesy TRDaily