Nevada Latest State to Opt In to FirstNet

Nevada became the 15th state or territory today to opt in to the First Responder Network Authority. “Public safety is of the highest concern,” said Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R.). “Increasing the safety of our residents, visitors and first responders through FirstNet was the right choice. From volunteer emergency responders in rural communities to those on the front lines in populous areas, our public safety community deserves access to the cutting-edge technologies they need to get the job done.”

“Governor Sandoval’s decision to join FirstNet demonstrates his strong commitment to public safety,” said FirstNet Chief Executive Officer Mike Poth. “This decision puts 21st century technology over a modern, broadband platform in the hands of the state’s first responders, giving them access to the speed, bandwidth and priority services they need. FirstNet looks forward to continued efforts with public safety to ensure this network is built to meet their unique needs across the state – from remote locales to populous cities.”

“Fire, police and EMS put their lives on the line every time they put on a uniform,” said Chris Sambar, senior vice president-FirstNet for AT&T, Inc., FirstNet’s network partner. “With Governor Sandoval’s decision, he’s giving Nevada’s brave men and women access to the innovative communications tools they need to complete their life-saving mission. It’s an honor to connect Nevada’s public safety community to the technologies they deserve.”- Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily