ATIS Report Outlines GPS Vulnerabilities

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions released a report that outlines GPS vulnerabilities. “Requirements for precise time delivery have driven the industry toward the increased use of GPS and GPS-dependent technologies. Yet this dependency has left the industry vulnerable to disruptions and manipulations of the GPS signal. GPS Vulnerability (ATIS-0900005) provides insight into the sources of the most common problems with GPS and their impacts.

The report also covers several mature proposed solutions that would satisfy telecommunications sector timing requirements,” ATIS said. “GPS disruptions have economic, financial and service impacts to carrier network operators, suppliers, cellular services as well as adjacent industries and government agencies that depend on a functioning wireless communications sector,” said ATIS President and Chief Executive Officer Susan Miller. “We believe that our report on this topic will contribute to solutions to help secure the delivery of time – a function critical to many sectors in our economy.”

Courtesy TRDaily