FirstNet Complains About Story

A spokesman for the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) today objected to a TR Daily story yesterday on FirstNet’s board meeting that quoted FirstNet CEO Mike Poth saying that public safety is not concerned “with market competition” (TR Daily, Sept. 14).

“While we recognize the impact that a competitive marketplace will have for public safety, in his remarks, Mr. Poth was stressing the importance of providing first responders with reliable and dependable technology when they need it most — during emergencies,” the spokesman said. The spokesman cited Mr. Poth’s full quote concerning competition, in which Mr. Poth said, “Public safety really doesn’t care or concern themselves with market competition when they’re trying to use the technology. They need the technology to work when they need it, how they need it, and where they need it. And this is going to help a long way to that. And we find ourselves now in a true position to make a major impact for public safety.”

Courtesy TRDaily