Commerce Nears Release of Funding Levels for FirstNet Opt-Out States

The Commerce Department neared release today of funding level determinations for states that opt out of having AT&T, Inc., the First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet) network partner, build their radio access networks (RANs). “We are very hopeful that that’s going to break loose either this afternoon or tomorrow,” Marsha MacBride, associate administrator-Office of Public Safety Communications for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, said during a luncheon today organized by the Federal Communications Bar Association’s homeland security and emergency communications committee.

“It’s still in finalization within the department.” FirstNet last week delivered final, updated state plans (TR Daily, June 19), but the official 90-day clock for governors to decide whether to opt out has not yet begun because states and territories have not yet been notified how much RAN construction funding they would get if they successfully opt out.

Courtesy TRDaily