Michigan Gets Waiver to Share 800 MHz Band

The Policy and Licensing Division of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau released an order today granting a request by the Michigan Department of Telecommunications Management and Budget for a waiver to share use of the 800 MHz Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) with critical infrastructure Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Inc., and its cooperative members.  The order noted that previous sharing arrangements have been approved. “Consistent with Michigan’s previous waiver requests, Michigan demonstrates that it has adequate spectrum to accommodate the planned sharing of its 800 MHz MPSCS network with the Wolverine group,” it said.

“Michigan also demonstrates that the Wolverine group will fund construction of additional infrastructure using 800 MHz Business/Industrial Land Transportation Category frequencies to mitigate its impact on the MPSCS network. The shared use will improve the ability of public safety and the Wolverine group to communicate with one another and coordinate power restoration in times of emergency.”

Courtesy TRDaily