FCC Imposes $404,166 Fine for NYPD Threats

The FCC released a forfeiture order today imposing a $404,166 fine against a New York City man for causing interference to the New York Police Department by operating a radio transmitter on frequencies licensed to the agency. The FCC, which had proposed the fine in April (TR Daily, April 14), said that from April to August of last year, Jay Peralta “transmitted threatening messages directed at NYPD officers. These messages included false bomb threats and false officer-in-distress calls to NYPD dispatchers.

The NYPD provided the FCC with a written statement by Mr. Peralta, who is currently in custody pending a trial for related charges, in which he acknowledged making nine unauthorized transmissions on the NYPD’s radio system.” The Commission said Mr. Peralta did not respond to the notice of apparent liability. The forfeiture order was adopted in file no. EB-FIELDNER-16-00022343.

Courtesy TRDaily