76% of Cell Sites Still Down in Puerto Rico

About 76% of cell sites in Puerto Rico remained down today due to Hurricane Maria, the FCC said. Overall, 75.9% of cell sites in Puerto Rico were down, nearly the same as yesterday. It noted that about 60% of Puerto Rico’s population was covered by mobile service yesterday due to roaming agreements by the four largest providers.  In the U.S. Virgin Islands, 56.2% of cell sites were down, compared with 55.4% yesterday, including all cell sites in St. John. “Approximately 79% of the population was reported yesterday to be covered by wireless carriers in the U.S. Virgin Islands,” the FCC said. Regarding cable and wireline services, the report said that at least six switches, the same number as yesterday, were still “out of service due to either SS7 or toll isolation.

Courtesy TRDaily