800 MHz Band Prehearing Conference Rescheduled

FCC Chief Administrative Law Judge Richard Sippel rescheduled from Nov. 6 to Dec. 4 a pre-hearing conference to discuss issues in an 800 megahertz rebanding dispute between Sprint Corp. and the state of Indiana (TR Daily, Oct. 19).

The parties had asked that the conference be rescheduled to Nov. 27, but Judge Sippel said in an order that he is not available on Nov. 27. “The litigating parties report that one designated issue has been resolved with regard to two old terminals that Indiana has now located and returned to Sprint,” he noted in the order in WT docket 02-55. “The parties also represent that mediation discussions are ongoing and that Indiana is considering making a settlement offer to Sprint. Joint Request at 2. If the settlement offer is made and the parties agree to it, the parties estimate that it will take around two weeks to finalize a settlement agreement. Id. at 2-3. A settlement would be in the public interest.”

Courtesy TRDaily