FCC Rejects Amateur Radio Petition

The Mobility Division of the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau today dismissed a petition for rulemaking filed by Thomas Alessi of Stamford, Conn., asking the agency to amend its part 97 rules “to make available to Amateur Extra Class licensees call signs consisting of one letter, followed by two digits, followed by one letter (1xx1 format).” The division added in a letter to Mr. Alessi, “Approximately 15 million call signs are presently available in the sequential call sign system, but it does not include every amateur call sign that has been allocated to the United States.

In 2010, the Commission rejected a suggestion that it make certain additional call signs, including 1xx1 call signs, available to Amateur Extra Class licensees. It concluded that enough call signs already are available for an amateur service licensee to obtain a call sign that he or she finds acceptable. You have not demonstrated any changed circumstances or other reason that would warrant revisiting this decision. Consequently, we dismiss your petition.”

Courtesy TRDaily