FCC Grants 700 MHz Band Construction Deadline

The Policy and Licensing Division of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau released an order on reconsideration in file no. 0007811683 today addressing a request by the city of Long Beach, Calif., “to extend the construction deadline for 700 MHz trunked public safety station, call sign WQNH254. Specifically, Long Beach requests an extension until June 2020 to construct the station.

While the City’s extension request was being reviewed by Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (Bureau or PSHSB) staff, call sign WQNH254 entered into Termination Pending Status for failure to meet a build-out requirement. For the reasons stated below, we grant the extension request until June 17, 2018, and return call sign WQNH254 to active status.”

Courtesy TRDaily