PSCR Announces Release of NIST Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program – Point Cloud City NOFO.

PSCR is seeking applications from pioneering U.S. state and local governments to create a model ‘Point Cloud City’. Successful applicants will receive funding to generate an extensive catalog of annotated 3D indoor point clouds that can be used by industry, academia, and government to advance research and development in the areas of indoor mapping, localization and navigation for public safety, as well as to demonstrate the potential value of ubiquitous indoor positioning and location-based information. Recipients will also participate in the NIST Global Cities Team Challenge initiative as the lead for an Action Cluster.

PSCR is conducting a webinar to provide general information and discuss important considerations for the Point Cloud City NOFO. The webinar will include information and guidance for applications, questions regarding eligibility requirements, evaluation and award criteria, the selection process, and general characteristics of a competitive application.

Webinar Announcement, Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2018; Time: 1:00 ET /  11:00 MT
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Applications are due March 14, 2018. The full NOFO is available on For any questions, contact