Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, March 1, 2018

From One IWCE to the Next.  It seems as though AT&T has had the FirstNet contract forever, especially since many agencies are already up and running on FirstNet. Yet at last year’s IWCE conference in Las Vegas, March 5 to 9, FirstNet had not yet officially awarded the contract to AT&T. Expectations were clearly in the camp that AT&T would win the FirstNet contract but it was more than a week later that the court dismissed Rivada’s lawsuit, leaving AT&T as the only qualified bidder. Until the contract was awarded, there was always the chance that it would, once again, be challenged in court, but fortunately that did not happen.

At that time, we all expected to wait through the 5-year build plan for FirstNet band 14 before FirstNet would become a nationwide network with pre-emption. However, AT&T gave public safety a huge bonus with the use of all AT&T LTE spectrum and priority from the day a state opted in, followed by full pre-emption, not only on FirstNet spectrum but on ALL AT&T LTE spectrum. Further, AT&T promised that the FirstNet core (the Enhanced Packet Core, EPC) that will be the heart of the network would be up and running by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

This year should be the IWCE’s coming out party for FirstNet. However, as we look back at the past 12 months, is it difficult to comprehend that this year’s conference is the first with the FirstNet Authority and FirstNet Ecosystem up and running. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. Territories have opted in and many states and the tribal nations have been meeting with the FirstNet/AT&T team for months now. It is almost anti-climactic for this IWCE to celebrate FirstNet. So many FirstNet goals have already been finalized and AT&T is moving forward with site build-outs in metro, suburban, and rural areas. AT&T has also made it clear that every enhancement to its commercial networks including more LTE sites, in-building coverage, 5G small cells, and whatever broadband technology is deployed during the next 25 years will be made available to FirstNet as well as AT&T’s commercial customers. Read the Entire Post Here

AT&T’s Sambar projects accelerated FirstNet buildout’a lot faster’ than five years for most of US

Urgent Communications Feb 27 23:40

Read More. We’re not waiting no way, Sambar said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. We know what needs to be done, and we know that public safety needs this now. They’ve been waiting a long time, so let’s get it done quickly for them The bottom line is that we’re getting the work …

Former President of FirstNet Joins Secured Communications, LLC.

PR Web Mar  1 06:00

Read More. In addition to Secured Communications, TJ is one of the co-founders and principals of The Public Safety Network. TJ has had a 25-year career in wireless technology and public safety and, prior to The Public Safety Network, was the President of the First Responder Network Authority, known as FirstNet, …

FCC Proposing to Exempt 5G Facilities From Historic, Environmental Reviews

Broadcasting & Cable Feb 28 19:15

Read More. Republican FCC commissioner Brendan Carr said the FCC is proposing to promote 5G wireless broadband buildouts by exempting most 5G facilities from environmental and historic review processes he said were meant for large cell deployments; the proposal would also put a shot clock and …

Private LTE Network Market will increase due to Growing Necessity for Wireless Communication …

MENAFN.COM Feb 28 11:45

Read More. In Europe, the private LTE network market can witness remarkable growth in the coming years owing to pairing between dedicated private mobile core platforms and commercial LTE networks to offer superior mobile broadband services to public safety subscribers. For instance, Nokia and Deutsche …

Tower, small cell and DAS companies offer rosy outlook for 2018

FierceWireless Feb 28 11:35

Read More … data plans and with increasing mobile video consumption among consumers, we can also expect another year of at least 30% aggregate data growth in the U.S., all of which places further demands on wireless networks. And with the announced deployment plans for the FirstNet public safety network, …

The Samsung GalaxyS9/S9+ coming soon to Public Safety Subscribers

The Mobile Globe Feb 27 17:00

Read More. By the end of March, first responder subscribers can use the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to tap into the full power of FirstNet, including access to critical capabilities such as First Priority. First responders are long overdue for a tech upgrade. That’s why we’re excited to bring you the modern, cutting-edge …

MoU aims to deliver IoT solutions

SmartCitiesWorld Mar  1 08:35

Read More. This system, which consists of the Cisco Ultra services platform, a fully virtualised, 5G-ready mobile services core that enables the availability of the new mobile network protocols targeted to IoT, namely narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT). It also includes the eSCEF module which exposes network capabilities and …
NTIA Targets Portion of 3.4 GHz Band for Potential Wireless Broadband Use

ARRL Mar  1 08:25

Read More. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has identified 3450 to 3550 MHz for potential wireless broadband use. Amateur Radio has a secondary allocation of 3300 to 3500 MHz, sharing the spectrum with government radars; the popular weak-signal frequency is 3456.1 …

Singtel and Ericsson roll out Singapore’s first commercial NB-IoT network

ZDNet Mar  1 06:45

Read More. Singtel’s narrowband Internet of Things network, announced last August, has been deployed across the city state.

FCC levies largest ever fine: $614m on Verizon (that’s about three days of profit for telco giant)

The Register Mar  1 06:00

Read More. Straight Path veered off promises of 5G coverage Verizon’s $3.1bn Straight Path gobble got a little more expensive this week, thanks to a $614m fine dished out by America’s broadband watchdog, the Federal Communications Commission.…

TV White Space Spectrum Market Anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 74% by 2025

The Financial Analyst Mar  1 02:25

Read More. Rural Internet Access (Rural Broadband), Emergency and Public Safety, Vehicle Broadband Access, loT and M2M, Smart Grid Networks, Other. Geographically, this report is segmented into several key Regions, with Sales, revenue, Market Share (%) and Growth Rate (%) of TV White Space Spectrum in …

AT&T Statement on FCC Efforts to Remove Barriers to Wireless Broadband Deployment

AT&T Public Policy Blog Feb 28 19:55

Read More. The following may be attributed to Joan Marsh, AT&T Executive Vice President of Regulatory and State External Affairs: Commissioner Carr has done a tremendous job leading the charge to address the outdated, unnecessary and costly regulations that do nothing but stand in the way of wireless …

Verizon’s Public Safety Network On Schedule, Officials Say

Government Technology News Feb 28 18:30

Read More. Verizon, which in August announced plans to build a private network dedicated to public safety and first responder communications – potentially targeting AT&T customers in the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) – is on track to debut that infrastructure later this year. Nicholas Nilan, Verizon’s director of product development for the public sector, told Government Technology the network’s new public safety core is expected during the first half of 2018, along with pre-emption capability

House to Hold NTIA Oversight Hearing

Broadcasting & Cable Feb 28 13:55

Read More. The House Communications Subcommittee will hold an oversight hearing on the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, which is the …

NTIA could release more midband spectrum for 5G

FierceWireless Feb 28 13:55

Read More. Under Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is coordinating with the Department of Defense (DOD) and other federal agencies to potentially release 100 megahertz of spectrum in the 3450-3550 MHz band for commercial …

Democrat Senators Move Forward with Bid to Reinstate Net Neutrality

Phone Scoop Feb 28 10:01

Read More. With the support of 50 Senators, Democrats are advancing a bill to bring back the rules governing net neutrality that were cut by the Republican-led FCC. The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality in December and the rules reached the Federal Registry earlier this month. The relaxed regs will go into effect April 23. The FCC order reclassifies broadband internet as an information service, rather than a utility, and would erase the bright line rules that prohibit broadband companies from blocking or

AT&T Fails In Bid To Kill FTC Authority Over Broadband Monopolies

Techdirt Feb 28 10:00

Read More. It can’t be overstated that the broadband industry isn’t just trying to kill net neutrality, it’s trying to gut most meaningful federal and state oversight of entrenched telecom monopolies. While Ajit Pai dismantled consumer protections at the FCC, his “Restoring Internet Freedom” order also ironically attempts …

NetMotion Software to Discuss The Future of FirstNet at IWCE 2018

GlobeNewswire Feb 28 09:20

Read More. Public safety agencies across the nation are gearing up for the impending rollout of FirstNet, the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety. At IWCE, Fallin will join speakers from the FirstNet Authority, AT&T, Harris Corporation, Motorola Solutions and others on …

Cisco launches global NB-IoT platform

The Internet of Business Feb 28 09:00

Read More. Cisco’s Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) platform has been launched worldwide. The networking giant claims that Control Center for NB-IoT is the first such commercially available global platform. When used alongside the Cisco Jasper Control Center IoT connectivity management platform, the new system will …

Jio, Samsung Partner to Deploy Cellular IoT Network In India

NDTV Feb 28 04:40

Read More. NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology standard developed to enable a wide range of devices and services to be connected using cellular telecommunications bands. Here, it not only utilises the existing spectrum held by Jio, but is also enabled by a …

NTIA proposes opening up 3.5 GHz band, FCC’s Pai announces auction plans

Telecompaper Feb 27 11:50

Read More. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration said it will work with the Department of Defense on repurposing 100 MHz in the 3450-3550 MHz range for commercial mobile services. Military radar systems currently operate in the band. The DOD plans to carry out a radio-frequency …

Pai Welcomes NTIA Spectrum Study

Radio magazine Feb 27 11:50

Read More. Pai was reacting to the announcement that the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s has selected the 3450-3550 MHz band for a feasibility study exploring the band’s potential for commercial wireless services; this spectrum is currently used for …

Cisco Jasper reveals its NB-IoT platform and collaboration with SFR

TechGenYZ Feb 27 09:45

Read More. Today, February 27 at MWC in Barcelona, Jasper of Cisco came up with its IoT strategies based on data management. The company officially and globally launched its Narrowband IoT platform and revealed its collaboration with SFR in network automation. Theresa Bui, IoT cloud strategy platform …

Aerospace firm plans a giant leap for Chinese satellite coverage with global network

South China Morning Post Feb 27 08:10

Read More. In addition, China’s biggest missile maker, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation has announced its own version of a low-orbit constellation named Xingyun, or running cloud. Xingyun will comprise 100 satellites and provide narrow-band global mobile services for the internet of things.

Ninth Circuit Upholds FTC Authority Over Non-Carrier Activities of Common Carriers

Lexology Feb 27 05:15

Read More. When the FCC ruled in 2015 that broadband Internet access was a common carrier service, it effectively stripped the FTC of authority over carriers’ privacy practices, and later imposed new and far-reaching broadband privacy rules. Congress repealed the new FCC privacy framework in its entirety in …

What is nb iot Feb 22 02:10

Read More. Also, dare I say it, 2G is a great IoT solution because it’s so well established and the hardware is now really, really cheap. As a seller of LTE modems, most recently the LTE Cat M1 Skywire modem, we get a lot of questions about the eventually-to-be-released NB1. An abbreviation for Narrowband IoT, …