Oklahoma Says It Doesn’t Divert 911 Funds

The state of Oklahoma does not divert 911 funds for other purposes, according to the state’s 911 coordinator. “All funds met the FCC standards and definitions for the purpose of 9-1-1,” Lance Terry said in a letter to FCC Commissioner Mike O’Rielly released by Mr. O’Rielly’s office today.

Mr. Terry’s letter responded to a letter that Mr. O’Rielly sent four states and three territories last month asking them to explain why they did not respond to the FCC’s most recent effort to gather data about 911 deployment, including diversions of 911 fees and surcharges (TR Daily, Feb. 20).

Six states diverted 911 funds for other purposes in 2016, according to an annual report released by the FCC earlier last month (TR Daily, Feb. 7).

“The State has a newly formed Division for 9-1-1. The new office is gathering information and was not aware of this report until it was [too] late to respond,” Mr. Terry said in his letter to Mr. O’Rielly. “The State wants to continue a positive working relationship with the FCC and come into compliance and complete any future reports that the FCC requires.”

He added, “Because of the work over the last 18 months I feel Oklahoma is better positioned to provide accurate reporting to the FCC. We look forward to a positive working relationship with the FCC and moving 9-1-1 into a NextGen environment.”

In a letter today responding to Mr. Terry, Mr. O’Rielly said he is “pleased to learn that Oklahoma seeks to facilitate the Commission’s information collection process in order to provide a fulsome report on this topic, and even more pleased to hear that the State does not use 9-1-1 funds for other purposes. Based on your response, it seems as though your State is properly prioritizing Next Generation 9-1-1 services and 9-1-1 management.” —Paul Kirby, paul.kirby@wolterskluwer.com

Courtesy TRDaily