FCC Reaches Consent Decree for Operating on Public Safety Spectrum

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau released a consent decree today with a man who operated on spectrum licensed to the Michigan Public Safety Communications Network.  An order implementing the consent decree noted that Cameron Thurston of Grayling, Mich., pleaded guilty this year to one felony count of unauthorized access to a computer and one felony count of using a computer to commit a crime. But the court refrained from entering judgment and it will close the case without entering a conviction if he complies with the terms of a two-year diversion program.

Among other things, the court considered that he is 19 and provided authorities information about how he gained access to the MPSCS. “To settle this matter, Thurston (a) admits that, over a two-year period, he illegally operated on, and caused interference to, the MPSCS;7 (b) agrees not to operate on, or to cause interference to, the MPSCS in the future; (c) surrenders his amateur radio license for cancellation, with an agreement not to apply for a new amateur radio license for two years; and (d) will pay a $3,000 civil penalty,” the bureau said in its order in file no. EB-FIELDNER-17-00025806. “However, Thurston will pay an additional civil penalty of $17,000 if in the next twenty years the Commission finds that he operates on, or causes interference to, the MPSCS, or otherwise violates the terms of the Consent Decree or the Diversion Program.”

Courtesy TRDaily