Pai, Minow Call for Moving Ahead on Telemedicine

In an op-ed article in the “Boston Globe” today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and former Chairman Newton Minow highlighted the benefits of telemedicine for rural areas and the obstacle that the digital divide poses to achieving those benefits.  “It’s time we integrated communications technology into our health care system just as fully as we have in other parts of our lives,” they wrote.

They added, “Both of us have different perspectives and may disagree on many issues and policies at the FCC. But on the importance of developing telemedicine, we share the same determination to move forward. Recent advances in communications technology could enable millions of Americans to live healthier, longer lives. Achieving that result requires forward-thinking policies on telemedicine. We’re firmly committed to helping America adopt those policies and bringing our health care system more fully into the digital age.”

Courtesy TRDaily