FirstNet Cites Benefits of Network in Action

First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) officials today cited several examples of the system in action during the Boston Marathon in April, the Volvo Ocean Race in Rhode Island last month, and after damaging storms in Connecticut last month. During a keynote speech this morning at the Public Safety Communications Research program’s Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Meeting in San Diego, FirstNet Chief Executive Officer Mike Poth cited the three responses by AT&T, Inc., FirstNet’s network partner, according to the text of his remarks.

FirstNet also discussed the Connecticut response in a blog posting today. Meanwhile, the Oglala Sioux Police Department became the first tribal entity to sign up with FirstNet. “We’re very proud to lead U.S. tribal lands as a FirstNet early adopter. We have firsthand experience regarding the huge void that a lack of communication can mean during critical incidents,” said Oglala Sioux Chief of Police Robert Ecoffey. “Moving to FirstNet enhances our ability to respond to the serious needs across the reservation for the protection of life and property on behalf of tribal members and the public.” The tribe is based in South Dakota.

Courtesy TRDaily