Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, June 28, 2018

FirstNet Progress and Coverage Issues.  It appears from information provided by FirstNet that more than 1,000 public safety agencies have signed on to the network and are commencing to put it to use. However, some agencies are waiting because they are being told they will get a better deal and service by staying with Verizon. Other agencies have told us they are not convinced FirstNet coverage as it stands today is sufficient for their needs and are waiting to see how FirstNet fills in their coverage area.

On the plus side for FirstNet, many departments that have run comparison coverage tests between Verizon and FirstNet have been pleasantly surprised at how good FirstNet coverage already is in their area. Other agencies are in discussion with FirstNet (Built by AT&T) to expedite extended coverage plans. New devices are being approved for use on FirstNet all the time. The latest is the Sierra Wireless MG-90 vehicular modem. While Sierra is not a client of mine, it has provided me with an MG-90 that is installed in my car along with my three JVCKenwood VHF, UHF, and 700/800 radios. This has become a valuable tool for me as I can now check both Verizon and FirstNet coverage and store the results for future use. I can also compare the coverage to LMR systems in an area.

There are now a number of different vehicular modems available from Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, and others. While some departments are not yet satisfied with FirstNet’s coverage in their area, they can and should still take part in FirstNet even if in a limited way. Having a modem with external antennas mounted in a vehicle provides FirstNet coverage over a wider area than testing coverage with a smartphone inside a vehicle or with a laptop and LTE dongle without an external antenna. The modems provide more than simply access to FirstNet, another network, or a combination of networks, they also provide a Wi-Fi bubble around the vehicle. This means even if a handheld device does not have a good FirstNet signal, the vehicle may, and handheld devices within the Wi-Fi bubble can use the vehicle’s modem as a Wi-Fi-to-FirstNet repeater. Read the Entire Post Here

Panasonic Joins the FirstNet Dealer Program

Business Wire Jun 28 16:12

Read More  NEWARK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America (“Panasonic”), today announced that it is joining the FirstNet Dealer Program, through the AT&T* Alliance Channelâ„ . As a FirstNet dealer, Panasonic can now sell FirstNet services to current and future public safety customers. AT&T and the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) are giving this exclusive ability to a select group of dealers

Sierra Wireless Delivers FirstNet Readyâ„¢ LTE Router for Public Safety Applications

Business Wire Jun 28 16:12

Read More. VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sierra Wireless AirLink MG90 Multi-Network In-Vehicle Router with EM7511 Embedded Module certified for operation on the FirstNet network.

Service Rules Governing Narrowband Operations in the 769-775/799-805 MHz Bands

Federal Register Jun 28 15:45

Read More. In this document, the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) amends the Commission’s rules to promote spectrum efficiency, …

FCC to Take More Action on EAS and WEA

Radio World Jun 28 15:25

Read More. Within the last two months, the commission has issued several waivers of its WEA and EAS rules to both mobile providers and public safety officials …

AT&T Launches Third-Party Distribution Program for FirstNet

ExecutiveBiz Jun 28 14:10

Read More. AT&T has launched a program that allows selected dealers of public safety systems to promote and sell the FirstNet communications platform to their …

AT&T : to launch NB-IoT network in US, Mexico in 2019

4 Traders Jun 27 17:25

Read More. US telecommunications company AT&T has announced that it will be looking to successfully launch its own narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) …

The demand for Wireless Broadband market is anticipated to be high for the next five years

Digital Journal Jun 27 11:15

Read More … Wireless Broadband Market by Type (Fixed Broadband Wireless & Private LTE Networks), by End-Users/Application Public Safety, Transportation, …

First responders need our eyes and ears to help prevent an act of terrorism

City of Fort Worth Jun 28 18:40

Read More. It is up its residents to help keep Fort Worth a safe community. Report suspicious behavior to the Fort Worth Police Homeland Security Unit hotline.

TeliaSonera : Telia Company first operator to deploy full Nordic narrowband IoT network

4 Traders Jun 28 15:45

Read More. Narrowband IoT is a new communication technology that enables excellent coverage indoors, outdoors and in the ground. It is ideal for things that run …

Sierra Wireless, Panasonic Join AT&T’s FirstNet Project

Android Headlines Jun 28 15:10

Read More. That will allow it to offer FirstNet services to public safety customers already using its first responder-geared equipment, as well as bringing in new …

L&T Technology Services Launches New NB-IoT Protocol Stack IP

ARC Viewpoints Jun 28 14:45

Read More. L&T Technology Services Limited has collaborated with California-based Cadence Design Systems, Inc. to launch its new NB-IoT (Narrow Band …

Missouri the Next State to Conduct a Solo EAS/WEA Test

TV Technology Jun 28 14:25

Read More

… to the Federal Communications Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau asking for …

Qualcomm’s Edge Platform Will Upgrade IoT Modules

SDxCentral Jun 27 22:50

Read More … and Quectel to make an IoT module that can work on 2G networks today but is software upgradeable to narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M.

AT&T Alliance Channel Invited to FirstNet Public Safety Program

Channel Partners Jun 27 18:40

Read More. AT&T Alliance Channel Invited to FirstNet Public Safety Program …

FirstNet Launches Dealer Program, Making it Even Easier for Public Safety Agencies to Access Their Network

PR Newswire Jun 27 09:40

Read More. DALLAS, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — FirstNet is making it even easier for the public safety community to access their network with the launch of the FirstNet Dealer Program. Now, select dealers and AT&T* Alliance ChannelSM solution providers have the ability to sell FirstNet….

Competition Is Key To Affordable Broadband, FCC’s Carr Says

Law360 Jun 27 08:10

Read More .. lowering barriers to entry in the telecommunications marketplace in lieu of seeking consumer price controls for broadband service, Republican FCC …

FirstNet launches, giving first responders a dedicated wireless network, infinite possibilities Jun 26 16:45

Read More. FirstNet launches, giving first responders a dedicated wireless network, …

FCC Votes to Increase Broadband Funding for Telehealth Expansion

Jun 26 12:49

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Since then, health system executives, healthcare organizations and … The AAFP urges the FCC to adjust for inflation and to also consider the price …

FCC lifts cap on broadband subsidies

Jun 26 09:55

Read More. The Federal Communications Commission has lifted the cap on the Rural Health Care Program, providing increased funding for broadband …