Lawmakers Urge FCC to Move on 6 GHz Band

Reps. Brett Guthrie (R., Ky.) and Doris Matsui (D., Calif.), co-chairs of the Congressional Spectrum Caucus, urged the FCC today to move forward with proposed rules for the 6 gigahertz band. “Your 2017 Mid-Band Notice of Inquiry (NOI) appropriately focused on the importance of additional mid-band spectrum allocations for both licensed and unlicensed services and recognized the need to address them together. We understand that you will move to an NPRM on opening the 5.925-6.425 and 6.425-7.125 GHz bands (collectively, the ‘6 GHz band’) for unlicensed use in the fall,” the lawmakers said in a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. “As you address the demand for mid-band spectrum, we would urge you to take action on the 6 GHz band NPRM expeditiously while also carefully considering the needs of incumbent and critical infrastructure networks.

Importantly, the NPRM process will allow all stakeholders to provide valuable input on the ex ante requirements necessary to protect incumbents, and give opportunity to evaluate proposals for interference protection, technical coexistence between users, and how to reliably resolve potential interference should it occur.”

Courtesy TRDaily