Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, July 11, 2018

PTT Interoperability—Sweet Spot for FirstNet?

First, let me be very clear, this is NOT about Mission-Critical PTT (which may someday be available and used for dispatch, day-to-day patrols, and local incidents). This is about FirstNet as a platform to provide interoperable push-to-talk during multi-jurisdictional incidents that is in keeping with the premise that motivated the public safety community and others to seek a solution for interoperable communications starting in the 1990s and culminating with the law creating FirstNet, setting aside the D-Block for additional broadband spectrum, and providing a starter kit of $7 billion.

The primary purpose of FirstNet has always been to provide interoperable communications between and among agencies that have different Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems and, therefore, cannot communicate directly with others at the same incident. This lack of interoperability has been a problem for more than thirty years and even after 911, Katrina, and Sandy revealed to the public, the press, and elected officials that there was a huge problem, it still took the public safety community with support from others until 2012 to establish FirstNet and another five years to become a reality.

FirstNet was designed to provide interoperable data and video, with voice to remain on LMR for many years to come. However, during the time FirstNet was organizing and issuing its RFP for a commercial partner, there were a number of developments in the world of Push-To-Talk voice. The first was that companies such as Qualcomm (QChat), Kodiak (now owned by Motorola), Harris, and ESChat entered the market to provide PTT over broadband.

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