Sprint Seeks Reconsideration of 800 MHz Rebanding Order

Sprint Corp. has filed a petition for reconsideration of an order released last month that denied a request by Miami-Dade County (MDC) (Fla.) to extend the June 26, 2008, deadline for completion of 800 megahertz rebanding in non-border regions of the U.S. to give it more time “to return legacy equipment to Sprint Nextel and to remove pre-banding channels from approximately half of its 15,000 subscriber units” (TR Daily, July 2). In its petition in WT docket 02-55, Sprint asked that the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau “clarify or extend its 90 day deadline as applied to Sprint for concluding all matters relating to the MDC reconfiguration contract with Sprint.

To the extent that the Bureau sets new more extended deadlines for MDC, which in this unique case Sprint would not oppose, at least through April 1, 2019, then Sprint requests that its timetable for FRSA closing run concurrent with revised MDC timelines. Sprint also respectfully suggests that the Bureau or the TA Mediator continue to provide oversight and require periodic reporting so that progress can be monitored. In any case, Sprint requests that the Bureau recognize that Sprint cannot unilaterally force the closing of the FRSA contract if MDC has not completed the tasks required to reach a full settlement of open issues.”

Courtesy TRDaily