Colorado FirstNet Filing Upsets FirstNet, AT&T

A filing last month by the Colorado Public Safety Broadband Governing Body (CPSBGB) that asked FCC to clarify guidelines and requirements concerning interoperability and roaming between the network being built by AT&T, Inc., for the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and wireless carriers (TR Daily, July 9) upset FirstNet and AT&T officials, according to e-mails obtained by “MissionCritical Communications” through a Colorado Open Records Act request. An e-mail from Ed Parkinson, FirstNet’s director-government affairs, to a state official said that Colorado was “very unprofessional and years late” and suggested that the state was “[c]learly trying to do the work of a vendor.” Chris Sambar, AT&T’ senior vice president-FirstNet, said in an e-mail to state officials that the filing with the FCC “is an incredibly disappointing move on the part of CO after your governor chose to opt in.”

Another e-mail from Mr. Sambar to the same officials suggested that Verizon Communications, Inc.’s support for the Colorado request “seemingly” indicated collusion between a state official and Verizon. The Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology has asked to withdraw the request filed with the FCC (TR Daily, July 16).

Courtesy TRDaily