Public Safety Advocate, September 6, 2018

FirstNet Progress—RFP IOC Goals Compared to Today’s Network.  The Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by FirstNet the Authority includes a section known as Section J-8 that deals with dates by which certain items and portions of the network coverage are to be completed. This Initial Operational Capability description (IOC) will be used to track the progress of the successful bidder and to justify progress payments the FirstNet Authority will make to the winning bidder. There are five IOCs based on “months from award” by which the system can meet minimum operational capabilities and one more that serves as the Final Operational Capability (FOC).

It is important to understand that payments made to the winning bidder will not come close to covering the expenditures that will have been made. The bidder recoups this investment by putting the network into operation so it can use Band 14 spectrum to augment its own spectrum for commercial customers at times when Band 14 is not being used by the public safety community.

The RFP was awarded to AT&T on May 30, 2017. Therefore, IOC-1 was due to be completed by November 2017 (6 months), IOC-2 by May 2018, IOC-3 by May 2019, IOC-4 by May 2020, IOC-5 by May 2021, and IOC-6, the final set of milestones by May 2022. These timeframes are intended to keep FirstNet (Built by AT&T) moving forward and to provide FirstNet the Authority with measurable timelines to evaluate performance. When the vender meets the timelines, a pro-rated portion of the $7.5 billion set aside by the federal government from proceeds of other spectrum auctions will be disbursed, and performance of the selected vendor will be evaluated. Read the Entire Post Here .

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FCC order to streamline small cell deployments looks to speed 5G

RCR Wireless News Sep  5 10:00

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5G will create jobs, improve education, and promote public safety. But to upgrade our networks, we must upgrade our regulations, Carr said.

FCC unveils new rules for building faster internet connections

The Statehouse File Sep  4 20:15

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5G capabilities will be 100 times faster than the current 4G wireless broadband. It will also require smaller antennas, instead of the larger towering …

California Shakes Off ISP Lobbyists, Embraces Real Net Neutrality

Techdirt Corporate Intelligence Sep  4 15:02

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Despite a rocky start, California has shaken off the lobbying influence of Comcast, AT&T and Verizon and passed meaningful net neutrality protections for the state’s broadband residents. California’s SB822, which pretty closely mirrors the FCC’s discarded 2015 rules, almost had its most important parts stripped away courtesy of some early committee gamesmanship by AT&T. When that failed, ISP-connected lobbying and influence orgs tried to scare voters away from the effort by making misl

Markey, Eshoo Ask FCC for Explanation on Alleged Verizon Throttling

CableFAX Sep  4 14:15

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They pointed out that the FCC continues to maintain a Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau to ensure that communications systems remain …

FirstNet Goes Local

Government Technology Sep  1 12:10

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During hurricanes Katrina and Rita, commercial wireless networks went …

Firstnet 700 mhz spectrum

RM Infotech Aug 31 22:05

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The 700 MHz Band is an important swathe of spectrum available for both commercial wireless and public safety communications. FirstNet’s award to …

FirstNet momentum: More than 2500 Public Safety Agencies subscribed

The Mobile Globe Aug 31 22:05

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More than 2,500 public safety agencies across the country have joined FirstNet. This is nearly double the number of agencies since the last update in …

FCC Criticized For Surrendering Power To Punish Verizon After Firefighters Got Throttled During Wildfire

Slashdot Aug 31 22:00

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Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday criticized the FCC on its response to Verizon’s throttling of firefighters’ data speeds as they battled a major wildfire in Northern California. “In a letter Friday, Senator Edward Markey and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo demanded answers from the FCC over what steps it is currently taking to address ‘critical threats to public safety,’ citing its decision to repeal Obama-era net neutrality protections,” reports Gizmodo. From the report: The 2015 Open Internet Order

ATT&T invests 7.2-billion USD in boosting local network in California

Xinhua Aug 31 20:10

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… increase investments in California’s FirstNet, the first nationwide broadband communications platform dedicated to America’s public safety, to deliver …

Public-safety adoption of FirstNet spikes during the past month, according to AT&T

Urgent Communications Aug 31 19:40

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We’ve recently seen a spike in the number of public safety agencies …

FCC Gets Conflicting Advice On First Responder Data Boosts

Law360 Aug 30 01:35

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… Communications Commission on considerations for a bright-line rule allowing mobile carriers to speed up public safety agencies’ communications, …

Sky and Space Global delivering Nanosatellite Services in Indonesia and Suriname

Developing Telecoms Sep  5 12:15

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The agreement is the first of its kind to be signed with a provider in the region, and validates the SAS nano-satellite narrowband connectivity platform.

What Attys Need To Know About FirstNet’s Status

Law360 Aug 31 19:40

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The need for a dedicated public safety network came to light in the …

New network, ‘FirstNet,’ to offer first responders more efficient communication

KLAS-TV Aug 30 23:15

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This means it ensures the network delivers when public safety needs it most. FirstNet promises a fast and reliable communications system for wireless …

Panasonic and Vodafone Connecting Home Devices Using Narrowband-IoT

Panasonic Newsroom Global Aug 30 05:35

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Panasonic Corporation and Vodafone today announced they have agreed to collaborate on a pilot experiment aimed at realising IoT-based home …