FCC to Assess Results of Nationwide WEA/EAS Test

The FCC plans to assess the results of today’s nationwide wireless emergency alert/Emergency Alert System test, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Chief Lisa Fowlkes said in a blog posting. “Now that the nationwide test is complete, the next step is to assess the results and identify areas for improvement. The FCC is committed to working with FEMA and other stakeholders to support this effort,” she said.

“We plan to engage with FEMA and wireless providers to learn how today’s Wireless Emergency Alert test performed.  In addition, the radio and television providers that participated in the accompanying Emergency Alert System test will file reports with us about their experience receiving and retransmitting FEMA’s test message.  As we’ve done in the past, we will analyze that data to identify any necessary EAS improvements.  We also welcome feedback from the public about their experience with the test on both systems.  We look forward to assessing all the information available and doing our part to continue strengthening these life-saving alerting systems.”

Courtesy TRDaily