Hurricane-Related Cell Outages Decrease

The FCC reported today that as of 11 a.m. this morning, 2.7% of cell sites were out of service as a result of Hurricane Michael in the 110-county impacted area of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, down from 3.2% yesterday. The totals for each state were 8.0% in Florida, 0.1% in Georgia, and 0.1% in Alabama.

But in Bay County, Fla., which includes Mexico Beach, near where the hurricane made landfall on Oct. 10, 47.0% of cell sites remained down today. Gulf County was second at 34.8%.

Today’s FCC Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) report also said that no public safety answering points (PSAPs) were reported down this morning and two had calls being rerouted with ALI (automatic location identification).

As for cable and wireline system outages, 103,811 subscribers had no service in Florida, 38,693 had no service in Georgia, and 18 had no service in Alabama, according to the report.

Twenty-eight TV stations were reported operational, and two were reported out of service. The FCC said that 104 FM radio stations were reported operational, 12 were reported out of service, and one was reported down with programming being sent to another station. Twenty-three AM radio stations were reported operational, while two were reported out of service.

Also today, the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau deactivated DIRS for Georgia and Alabama. —Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily