FCC Adopts 800 MHz Band Item

The FCC today deleted from its agenda for tomorrow’s meeting an 800 megahertz band report and order and order after it adopted the item on Friday in WP dockets 15-32 and 16-261. The text of the item was released this afternoon.

A fact sheet released when the item was circulated earlier this month (TR Daily, Oct. 2) noted that it:

(1) adds “318 new interstitial channels in the 800 MHz Mid-Band, the portion of the 800 MHz band used most extensively for PLMR”; (2) directs “Commission staff to announce when applications for 800 MHz Expansion Band, Guard Band, Sprint-vacated, and interstitial channels may be filed in the 44 of 55 National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee regions where 800 MHz rebanding has been completed”; (3) declines “to give incumbent 800 MHz licensees filing priority for 800 MHz Expansion Band and Guard Band over non-incumbents after such an announcement”; (4) terminates “the 1995 freeze on inter-category sharing of 800 MHz channels, making it no longer necessary for applicants to seek a waiver of the freeze”; (5) makes “available new 450-470 MHz Industrial/Business Pool channels in gaps located between Industrial/Business Pool spectrum and spectrum designated for other services”; (6) authorizes “trackside boosters on PLMR railroad channels to facilitate communication between the front and rear of trains where direct communication is unsatisfactory because of the length of the train or intervening terrain”; (7) extends “conditional licensing to PLMR stations that operate in the 700 MHz public safety narrowband and the 800 MHz band”; (8) and makes “underused Central Station Alarm channels available for other PLMR purposes provided that the Central Station Alarm frequency coordinator concurs.”- Paul Kirby, paul.kirby@wolterskluwer.com

Courtesy TRDaily