Auto Alliance Worried About Ligado Network

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said in an ex parte filing that it is concerned about the proposal of Ligado Networks LLC “to reallocate satellite spectrum near Global Positioning System (‘GPS’) signals.  The proposal seeks to accommodate the addition of an ancillary terrestrial component (‘ATC’) which could pose a significant risk of harmful interference to current and future critical transportation safety applications that utilize GPS signals. GPS is a critical technology for many current and future vehicle safety systems, including both Advanced Driver Assist Systems (‘ADAS’) and Automated Driving Systems (‘ADS’).  The availability and accuracy of GPS offers increased safety for vehicles and other road users traveling on our nation’s roadways”.

“Many of today’s vehicles are equipped with ADAS safety features or other systems that rely on precise GPS signals for position, navigation, in-vehicle security, remote diagnostics, emergency services and other applications.  Ligado’s proposal could jeopardize the ability of GPS receivers to obtain an accurate signal, thereby putting such vehicle safety systems at risk.”  In the submission filed yesterday and posted today in IB dockets 12-340 and 11-109, the alliance urged the FCC “to deny Ligado’s pending license modification as proposed, until testing and data validates that transportation safety applications will be protected from harmful interference.”

Courtesy TRDaily