Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, October 25, 2018

NG9-1-1, FirstNet, and LMR.  In early November, I will be at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) Critical Communications Conference in Chicago. On the second day, I will be moderating a panel entitled, “LTE’s Interoperability with LMR and 911.” All the panelists are subject-matter experts so I have an easy job as moderator. Preparing for this panel started me thinking about what should be the true goal of an end-to-end public safety communications system. Once Next-Generation 9-1-1 has been widely implemented and the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and dispatch centers have been upgraded, the result should be a near-flawless system from the time a citizen calls 9-1-1 to the last unit on the scene being released and the paperwork completed.

PSAPs or 9-1-1 centers today, in most places, are still voice-centric in nature. The goal of NG9-1-1 is to modernize their capabilities to include incoming text messages, pictures, and videos. These can then be processed, and if needed, sent on to the responding units over FirstNet so those responding will have a better understanding of the incident and/or any vehicles or people fleeing the scene. Unfortunately, NG9-1-1 is the last piece of the puzzle for several reasons. First, many states have and continue to “re-appropriate” funds earmarked for 9-1-1 from all of our phone bills, and when Congress passed the bill that created FirstNet and allocated $7 billion for the initial costs of FirstNet, it only allocated $115 million for NG9-1-1, which is not enough to ensure NG9-1-1 upgrades for all PSAPs and dispatch centers.
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FirstNet adoption increases by almost 50% during last two months, AT&T says

Urgent Communications Oct 24 21:55

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Public-safety adoption of FirstNet jumped almost 50% during the last two months amid initially favorable reviews of system performance during …

New 800 MHz Spectrum Opens with Updated Part 90 Rules

MissionCritical Oct 24 10:05

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New Part 90 rules adopted by the FCC Oct. 23 open 800 MHz spectrum, with 318 new 800 MHz interstitial channels becoming available. The rules also make 40 expansion band (EB) and 40 guard band (GB) channels in 800 MHz available in National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee (NPSPAC) regions where 800 MHz rebanding is completed. read more

FCC leaders say we need a ‘national mission’ to fix rural broadband – CNET

CNET: Apple Oct 24 09:14

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Ajit Pai and Jessica Rosenworcel may disagree on the net neutrality angle, but they do agree on finding inspiration in the 1930s.

AT&T: 250000 FirstNet Subscribers, 3600 Public-Safety Agencies

RadioResource Media Group Oct 23 18:00

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AT&T: 250,000 FirstNet Subscribers, 3,600 Public-Safety Agencies …

xG Technology Announces Appointment of Sue Swenson as Board Chairman

PR Newswire Oct 24 23:55

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This independent authority within NTIA/Department of Commerce established a single nationwide public safety broadband network enabling first …

Broadband will boost telemedicine applications, FCC chairman says

TechTarget Oct 24 16:10

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A $100 million Connected Care Pilot Program would put sensors for remote monitoring of patients in the homes of lower income individuals or …

FCC Proposes Changes for Use of 3.5GHz and 6GHz Bands

Phone Scoop Oct 24 10:03

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The FCC today proposed two separate actions meant to free up more spectrum for wireless broadband use. The first covers the rules governing the 3.5 GHz band (Citizens Broadband Radio Service). The agency believes simplifying the already-established 2015 rules will make the 3.5 GHz band more attractive for investment. Most importantly, the FCC wants to change the size of Priority Access Licenses (PAL) from census tracts to counties and extend PAL license terms from three years to 10, as well as m

FCC Proposes Unlicensed Rules at 6 GHz Despite Industry Interference Concerns

RadioResource Media Group Oct 23 17:55

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Specifically, the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials …

Maryland Celebrates Anniversary of FirstNet Subscription With FirstNet Authority, AT&T

ExecutiveBiz Oct 22 20:10

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Dunn added that wireless spectrum allocated to public safety for FirstNet operations has and will continue to be deployed to existing and new sites …

AT&T Unveils New Public Safety Tools in FirstNet App Catalog

GovConWire Oct 22 18:20

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AT&T Unveils New Public Safety Tools in FirstNet App Catalog …

New Jersey Decommissions JerseyNet, Transfers Assets to AT&T FirstNet

RadioResource Media Group Oct 22 18:20

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… and AT&T on the decommissioning of the JerseyNet network to align with the buildout of the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) …

Attention PSAPs: Test NG911 Readiness & Get Resources

Efficient Gov Oct 18 21:50

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David Furth, deputy chief of the Federal Communications Commission Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, noted that the working group’s …

FCC Fines for Misuse of Public Safety Radio Communications

In Compliance Oct 25 09:35

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Hinson reportedly later told law enforcement officials that he had made the two unauthorized transmissions from a mobile radio in his personal vehicle.

FCC says telecom bought a jet with illegally gotten government funds

U.S. – Oct 24 16:15

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American Broadband is charged with exploiting a program meant to help low-income customers get internet service

FCC Sues Company $63M for Using Lifeline Funds to Buy Ferrari

Phone Scoop Oct 24 10:03

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The FCC today proposed a fine of more than $63 million against American Broadband and Telecommunications Company for violating rules regarding the Lifeline program. The company, a wireless reseller based in Ohio, “improperly sought and received Lifeline funding by creating numerous ineligible Lifeline subscriber accounts.” For example, the company created accounts for some 12,000 deceased persons, as well as manipulated the personal data (names, social security numbers) of existing Lifeline cust

Wi-Fi Alliance, Cisco among those applauding 6 GHz action

FierceWireless Oct 23 18:50

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The FCC took an important step towards preserving broadband wireless …

Wireless Broadband in Public Safety Market Growth,Top players(Cambium Networks, Intracom …

Digital Journal Oct 23 17:55

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The major purpose of this Wireless Broadband in Public Safety Market report is to provide an in-depth view and strategic analysis of the parent …

Verizon’s CFO: Wireless business has ‘significant opportunity’ to grow

FierceWireless Oct 23 12:50

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Public safety and FirstNet: A Wells Fargo analyst noted that the total addressable market for public safety users in the United States could be as high …

FirstNet Momentum: More Than 3600 Public Safety Agencies Subscribed

IT News Online Oct 23 12:00

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DALLAS, Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — More than 3,600 public safety …

Broadband Industry Sues Vermont For Daring To Protect Consumers, Net Neutrality

Techdirt Corporate Intelligence Oct 22 15:02

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As we’ve made pretty clear, the broadband industry is successfully obliterating most meaningful federal and state oversight of their broken, largely uncompetitive broadband monopolies. They’ve had great success in convincing the Trump administration to effectively neuter the FCC , driving any piddly, remaining enforcement authority to an FTC that’s ill-equipped for the job . At the same time, the federal government and ISPs like Comcast are also waging a not-so-subtle and completely coordinated

Telehealth bill offers Congress a shot at bipartisan reform

The Hill Oct 19 16:55

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It does this using a model built on a combination of on-site first responders and a telemedicine connection to an emergency physician who can deliver …

AT&T Leads IoT Cellular US Connections, Verizon Drops To Third Place

MediaPost Communications Oct 19 12:55

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From a technical perspective, there are major differences between LTE-M and NB-IoT (narrow band IoT), such as channel bandwidth, peak data rate …

FCC Will Vote on Taking Steps to Foster Greater Utilization of the 800 MHz Band by Private Land …

JD Supra Oct 19 12:45

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These frequencies are relied upon by, among other entities, public safety …

Communications Workers of America Launches First Responder Voice Oct 19 12:45

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FirstNet is being built, operated and maintained by AT&T, the union wireless carrier. CWA represents tens of thousands of AT&T workers, public-safety …

NetMotion Software Delivers Mobile Security and Connectivity for FirstNet

Associated Press Oct 18 21:00

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NetMotion Mobility provides police, firefighters and other emergency responders highly secure access to critical public safety applications on FirstNet.

IoT Use Case Study: Termite Monitoring with Narrowband IoT in the Republic of China to Reduce …

IDC Oct 18 04:40

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The utilization of low-power (LPWAN), Narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT), and custom miniature sensors has made it possible to monitor homes …