Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, November 29, 2018

Presentations and Awards. On Tuesday the week before Thanksgiving, I flew to Denver to speak at a FirstNet Association (FNA) event and on Wednesday I flew home. Then on Thursday, I started out on what became a two-day trek to New York City due to weather delays. When I finally arrived in NYC, it was late on Friday so I was only able to join the Radio Club of America (RCA) board of directors meeting for the last thirty minutes. This was my last board meeting and I regret I could not have been there for the entire meeting but stormy weather and flying don’t often go well together.

FirstNet Association (FNA). The presentation I gave for attendees who came to hear the latest about FirstNet focused on coverage and the PowerPoint slides can be found here. The first slide set the level of expectations versus today’s progress. It shows that at present we are in month twenty of the contract between AT&T and FirstNet the Authority and outlined RFP-stated FirstNet milestones that would have to be met for the bidder to be compliant and on-track for building the network. When the RFP was developed, conventional wisdom was that a bidder would win the contract and deploy Band 14 (20 MHz of spectrum) for public safety over a five-year period.

Instead, when AT&T was awarded the contract, it provided public safety with full access to all AT&T LTE spectrum along with a plan to add Band 14 to its sites. The slide for month twenty states that at the end of twenty-four months of contract, “Achievement of 60% of contractor’s proposed Band 14 coverage in non-rural areas” should be complete. While only 60-percent of non-rural areas are required to be covered by Band 14 now, the FirstNet (Built with AT&T) footprint is much broader. Read the Entire Post Here.

Here are the articles I have selected with the help of Discovery Patterns artificial intelligence.

Schumer introduces bill to save T-Band radio system for emergency responders

News 12 Westchester Nov 26 18:40

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Chuck Schumer is trying to save the radio system because he says first responders fear no viable alternative has been proven it could do the job.

Change the Job Descriptions and Salaries of 911 Operators

EDM Digest Nov 28 20:55

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The authors, Representative Norma J. Torres (D-CA) and FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, raise important points about public safety in the …

FirstNet helps those who work tirelessly to protect us Nov 28 16:55

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The communication challenges that day exposed capability gaps in public safety response and made it clear that their needs demanded more than …

Rezoning for 300-foot cell tower inches forward

Journal Express Nov 28 13:35

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The tower would be built primarily for use by FirstNet, a nationwide wireless broadband network affiliated with AT&T that focuses on public safety.

Top Public-Safety Issues: Spectrum, 9-1-1 Location, FirstNet/LMR Integration

RadioResource Media Group Nov 27 02:55

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Marilyn Ward, executive director of the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC), shares her views on public-safety issues in this …

Preparing for public safety mobile broadband

The Mandarin Nov 22 19:30

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Safety and emergency services across Australia are being invited to join an ambitious trial of a high bandwidth, mobile network that will underpin a …

Activists Make One Last Push To Restore Net Neutrality Via Congressional Review Act

Techdirt Corporate Intelligence Nov 29 08:17

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Efforts to reverse the FCC’s historically unpopular attack on net neutrality using the Congressional Review Act (CRA) have been stuck in neutral for several months, but activists are backing one last push in a bid to get the uphill effort over the hump. The CRA lets Congress reverse a regulatory action with a simple majority vote in the Senate and the House (which is how the GOP successfully killed broadband consumer privacy protections last…

Consumer Watchdog Joins Broad Coalition Telling Senate to Put Brakes on Flawed Robot Car Bill

Benzinga Nov 28 15:10

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… law enforcement and first responders, public health, bicyclists and pedestrians, …

Eurobites: Europe Will Remain a 5G Laggard, Says Ericsson Report

Light Reading Nov 28 06:30

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Also in today’s EMEA regional roundup, German spectrum auction process kicks off; BT lands UK police IT gig; has Deutsche Telekom’s Dutch passed the EU’s antitrust test?

DISH join hands with Ericsson for NB-IoT

News Stories World Nov 27 19:10

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DISH has selected the Ericsson for deployment of its Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network, which made the Ericsson very first of the …

Global Satellite Broadband Communication in Public Safety Market is Anticipated to Grow at a …

The Business Investor Nov 27 17:10

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… Inmarsat, Iridium Communications, VT iDirect, Cambium Networks, EchoStar, Ligado Networks (Light Squared), Thrane and Thrane, Global star, …

Consumer Groups Say FCC Weakening Oversight Of Cell Carriers Under Pretense Of Battling Text Message Spam

Techdirt Corporate Intelligence Nov 27 15:02

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Consumer groups say that the Ajit Pai FCC is once again being misleading as he continues his ongoing quest to eliminate most meaningful oversight of cell carriers and broadband providers. Last week, the FCC announced several major initiatives the agency claimed were intended to help fight text message spam. One of them involves the creation of a reassigned number database, which would help marketers market more efficiently by ensuring that a target of marketing…

Module supports narrowband IoT 3GPP Release 14 features, and upgrade to 5G

Electronics Weekly Nov 27 08:00

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U-blox has announced a multi-band NB-IoT module that supports a preliminary set of 3GPP Release 14 features (LTE Cat NB2). Low power consumption means 10+ years operation on a single primary cell, according to the firm. Called Sara-N3, it is available in two variants: one for China and another that can operate across multiple bands on … This story continues at Module supports narrowband IoT 3GPP Release 14 features, and upgrade to 5G Or just read more coverage at Electronics Weekly

public safety das flyer

Best formats and cover letters for your business Nov 23 17:35

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10 ways firstnet will improve public safety powerful signal, planning for public safety during …

Deutsche Telekom preps LTE-M ahead of 2019 launch

Mobile World Live Nov 23 15:20

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The Germany-based operator, which has been rolling out its narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) network across Europe and the US this year, said in a statement …

Broadband Satellite Services Market 2018-2025 Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand

Market News Today Nov 22 19:30

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Since broadband ensures faster transmission of data and enhances interoperability between public safety departments, police, fire, and other public …

FCC Accused Of Burying Data Highlighting Sorry State Of US Broadband

Techdirt Corporate Intelligence Nov 22 08:20

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Back in 2011 the FCC launched something called the Measuring American Broadband program. It was revolutionary in the fact that for the first time, the FCC refused to simply take ISPs at their word in terms of the speed and connection quality of their broadband offerings. Instead, the FCC hired UK firm Samknows to embed custom-firmware modified routers in the homes of thousands of real world broadband volunteers, providing insight into the real state…