ARRL Seeks FCC Outdoor Antenna Rules

The American Radio Relay League has filed a petition for rulemaking asking the FCC to adopt rules “to permit licensed Amateur Radio operators to erect and maintain at their residences an effective outdoor antenna for the purpose of conducting Amateur Radio communications, notwithstanding the provisions of any private land use regulations that may be imposed on the residential real property owned or leased by those Amateur Radio licensees.

Such effective outdoor antenna installations would be subject to reasonable conditions and requirements imposed by community associations, also known as homeowner’s associations (HOAs), if the governing documents of the HOA otherwise so empower the HOA. The relief requested herein is critically necessary in order to provide for the sustainability of the Amateur Radio Service in the near term and in the future; and the ability of licensees in that Service to fulfill their Federal public service obligations set forth at Section 97.1 of the Commission’s rules.”

Courtesy TRDaily