Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, January 17, 2019

CES and more News and Views. First, I must admit I did not attend the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is held in Las Vegas in early January. In fact, I have not attended CES for the last eight years or so because CES had been about electronics and buried within this huge show there might have been some wireless products. It turns out that this year CES was a huge event for wireless, public safety communications, and a look into the future of devices that are or will be controlled by wireless systems.

What I have learned from others who did attend was that wireless took center stage in many sections of the show. Fifth-Generation (5G) systems were promoted, demonstrated, and used to control many different types of electronic devices coming to consumers, businesses, and public safety real soon now. I say Real Soon Now (RSN) because many of the products and demonstrations shown at CES each year are not yet ready for prime time or store shelves. Many of the projects shown at CES are precursors for what the industry can expect to enter the marketplace when year-end Christmas shopping commences. Still, CES is becoming a good show for those who want to see the latest in wireless and what is coming in the future.

After the last day of CES there was another day referred to as CES Government 2019. This is one day I wish I had attended since there were a number of informative speeches given by members of the federal government and business communities dealing with cloud computing, and leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in government and business today. One planned speech, “Cyber 2019: Threats and Trends” was cancelled due to the government shutdown. It was to have been presented by the Deputy Assistant Director for Cyber Security for the FBI, but there were a number of other great sessions. Read the Entire Post Here .

Here are the articles I have selected with the help of Discovery Patterns artificial intelligence.

San Jose, 100 Cities, Cos. Sue FCC Over Broadband Power Grab Jan 17 03:30

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The docket labeled “Accelerating Wireless and Wireline Broadband” dictates new regulations on the “deployment of next-generation wireless facilities.

House legislation would dismantle controversial FCC 5G order

National Association of Counties Jan 17 03:30

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The ruling, which also went into effect on January 14, curtails local authority over public rights-of-ways for 5G wireless broadband deployment.

Apple, Qualcomm battle may delay 5G iPhones: Reports

Inshorts Jan 16 17:20

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Besides Qualcomm, Apple had started leveraging its network chips from …

CES 2019: 5G Under Glass

Light Reading Jan 16 17:06

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In fact, only Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) had a live 5G reference design modem on the show floor. Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM) and Samsung …

Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G phone: Everything you need to know

AIVAnet Jan 16 15:10

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Samsung will almost certainly announce the Galaxy S10 on February 20, 2019, but what about a 5G version of the phone? Rumors have spread about …

FirstNet Authority seeking additional industry partners, Acting CEO Parkinson tells CES

Urgent Communications Jan 16 00:20

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In addition to building out the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN), AT&T must make annual payments to the FirstNet Authority …

At CES 2019, 5G is even more of a confusing mess than ever – CNET

CNET: Apple Jan 10 09:15

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Commentary: Everyone’s talking about 5G at the show, even if they can’t agree on what 5G actually is.

AT&T Augments LTE Coverage to Benefit FirstNet Subscribers Jan 10 08:20

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AT&T intends to ramp up the FirstNet deployment while focusing on 5G to retain its leading position in the wireless market. The company continues to …

Highway Police Finds Productivity Gains Uploading Video via FirstNet

PR Web Jan 10 08:20

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… in the country to opt-in to the highly-secure wireless broadband communications network made available to Arkansas’ public safety community.

SKT, Seoul to build 5G-enabled intelligent transportation system

Pulse News Jan 17 08:50

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SKT, Seoul to build 5G-enabled intelligent transportation system …

China to be bullish on IoT, AI & 5G in 2019

The Internet Of All Things Jan 17 08:50

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After the US and UK, China is where all the action is around the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The Chinese have again …

ZTE Makes World’s First 5G Phone Call Jan 17 08:40

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ZTE Corporation announces that it has completed the world’s first 5G phone call, with the joint effort from telecom operator China Unicom’s …

Oracle Java Card update boosts security for IoT devices

IT Brief Australia Jan 16 18:20

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These include smart meters and industrial IoT for smart city and corporate services; as well as cloud connected devices that can enable access to 5G …

5G Can Enable Smart Cities If Policymakers Allow It

the CLX Forum Jan 16 18:10

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Industry VoicesMadden: Consumers will be disappointed with 5G speed

FierceWireless Jan 16 18:10

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Recently, I conducted a survey with my son’s 19-year-old friends. All of them said that they would like a faster phone. But I was the annoying dad that …

Nokia to cut jobs in multiple countries after Alcatel-Lucent deal, 5G shift

The Smart Investor – Business Standard Jan 16 17:10

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Instead, the aim is to make operations more efficient as the consolidation after the purchase of the French Alcatel-Lucent has been completed.

A 5G Device Timeline for 2019

Light Reading Jan 16 16:50

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All signs now point to these mobile devices arriving on the scene within the first half of 2019. The earliest 5G devices are already available, such as …

Belgian Provider Upgrades LBS for Emergency Calls

MissionCritical Jan 16 10:10

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Telenet selected Infradata and BroadForward to deliver location-based services (LBS), replacing the existing legal system. Telenet, the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium that acquired mobile operator BASE in 2016, plans to expand its ability to provide location information, which is needed for a range of services, including emergency calls for police, firefighting and ambulance services, the company said. read more

Airbus to Upgrade, Expand German Energy Firm’s TETRA Network

MissionCritical Jan 10 10:10

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Airbus will modernize and expand seNet, the secure TETRA system of energy supplier STEAG. Airbus will replace the central technology of the communications system with Taira TETRA servers. read more

Your AT&T Phone Does Not Have 5G Now

Google News – Overview Jan 10 07:30

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Samsung is starting it’s #ces2019 press conference talking about 5G. It’s working with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. In a way 5G is here now but it

Verizon’s 5G CES Keynote: T-Shirts, But No Beef

Light Reading Jan 10 06:30

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Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg’s keynote centered on the ‘eight currencies’ of 5G, but offered little in the way of new insight into Verizon’s plans for network rollouts and 5G-powered devices.