ARRL Seeks to Withdraw Petition as Group Reviews Strategy

The American Radio Relay League has asked the FCC for permission to withdraw without prejudice a petition for rulemaking it filed in December that asked the FCC to adopt provisions in the Amateur Radio Parity Act (ARPA), private land-use relief legislation that the group has failed to convince Congress to pass (TR Daily, Jan. 4).

 The requested withdrawal, which was posted online Friday, was filed in response to a resolution adopted by ARRL’s Board of Directors at the group’s annual meeting last month, saying that the board wants “to review, re-examine, and reappraise ARRL’s regulatory and legislative policy with regard to private land use restrictions, with the intent to renew, continue and strengthen the ARRL’s effort to achieve relief from such restrictions.”

The resolution also said that the group should ask lawmakers who have reintroduced the Amateur Radio Parity Act to refrain from pushing the legislation absent further ARRL input.

“Board members noted that the ARRL has been pursuing adoption of the ARPA for the past several years, and that objective has not yet been achieved. While everyone understands that getting Congressional approval on any matter can be a lengthy process, the difficulties getting the ARPA approved have been a source of frustration to the organization and its members,” according to a statement. “A majority of the Board now believes that there is a need to reassess the organization’s approach to this issue. The Board wants to make clear to its members, and to those whose policies and conduct prevent or impair the right of US Amateur Radio operators to operate from their homes, that this pause is not, and should not be interpreted as, an abandonment of its efforts to obtain relief from private land-use restrictions.

“The Board noted that its intent is ‘to renew, continue and strengthen the ARRL’s effort to achieve relief from such restrictions.’ This action represents a chance to get the best product possible for all US Amateur Radio operators,” the statement added.- Paul Kirby,

Courtesy TRDaily