Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, February 7, 2019

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to come up with a subject I think would be of interest to my readers. This week seems particularly difficult. FirstNet is humming along ahead of its required build-out for Band 14 while Verizon continues to run expensive commercials in an effort to prove to public safety that it is the best network. We all remember how Verizon throttled fire personnel and equipment during wildland fires in California but it continues its attempts to divide the public safety community between it and FirstNet. Even so, FirstNet growth in terms of new agencies added in only the last three months, it is clear that most departments understand FirstNet is the “Interoperable Public Safety Network” dedicated to first responders while other commercial carriers are simply that: commercial broadband carriers.

The FirstNet network was not thrust upon the public safety community by network operators though some were certainly supportive of the process. Rather, it was the public safety community itself that came together to walk the Halls of Congress, battle with those in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who did not believe public safety needed the additional spectrum known as the D Block, fight off both T-Mobile and Sprint, which at one point went as far as to put up a website to try to convince others that the spectrum should be auctioned as open to commercial networks. The public safety community, with assistance from then Vice President Joe Biden who was/is a staunch believer in public safety, fought for FirstNet from day one and it became THE public safety network.

this is not to say there are no detractors today, some of which have not become part of FirstNet and may not for a while. Several departments have balked at FirstNet (Built with AT&T) having a monthly data limit specified in its contract even though FirstNet has stated publicly that it will never throttle a public safety agency. It appears corporate AT&T requires the limit but FirstNet understands that under no circumstance can public safety be throttled, especially during an incident. This is one area that needs to be clarified so it does not keep more agencies from joining.  Read the Entire Post Here.

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Pai Calls on Carriers, Standards Groups to Improve Wireless Emergency Alerts

MissionCritical Feb  7 10:05

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called on wireless carriers and standards bodies to continue the progress they have made toward implementing rules to improve the geographic targeting of wireless emergency alerts (WEAs). He also called on wireless phone companies, the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) to maintain focus on meeting the required implementation date later this year. read more

Ericsson launches critical communications broadband networks offering

Ericsson Feb  7 08:05

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Content : Press release ; Category : 5G ,Networks ,Radio ; HashTags : #LTE,#criticalcommunications,#5G,#CriticalBroadband Industry digitalization and modernization of the land mobile radio (LMR) communications is driving demand for critical broadband network solutions New portfolio comprises Critical Network Capabilities, Critical Broadband Applications, and Flexible Deployments for Private Networks Enables service providers to meet critical communication needs in industries such as public safet

FCC’s Pai Calls For Wireless Standards-Setting By November

Law360 Feb  6 22:35

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The American people want, expect, and deserve the best possible public safety services, including the most precise targeting available for wireless …

Kingston University and Pangea to develop 5G video triage system for ambulances

pharmaphorum Jan 31 08:30

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Kingston University and Internet of Things (IoT) specialists Pangea are teaming up to develop a 5G video streaming service that could allow …

Evolution Of Public Safety Standards For 3gpp Lte Jan 31 02:15

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items Public safety users often work in extreme locations which are also challenging for mobile network coverage While there are technical base …

Finnish Railways to Use VIRVE, Public Networks for Communications

MissionCritical Feb  7 10:05

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Finnish railway users can now use VIRVE, the Finnish public-safety digital TETRA radio network, and public mobile networks for all railway-specific communications functionalities. Frequentis implemented the Unified Railway Communication and Application (URCA) system to fulfill the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) need for a transitional solution to the future GSM-R replacement. read more

Sepura Partner Delivers 60,000 TETRA Terminals to Dutch Police

MissionCritical Feb  7 10:05

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Sepura recognized its long-time partner Abiom for a record-breaking performance in 2018 after Abiom was awarded significant contracts to provide communications solutions to public-safety organizations in Holland and Belgium. read more

Apple restructures in-house modem group in its race to 5G

MassHighTech Feb  7 10:05

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Apple Inc. executive Johny Srouji is taking over management of the company’s modem chip design team as the iPhone maker faces a chilly relationship with chip partner Qualcomm Inc. and races to release a 5G-compatible iPhone, Reuters reports, citing two unnamed sources. The project had previously been led by Rubén Caballero, who heads up Apple’s wireless system design engineering group. It’s unclear how many engineers are working on the effort, how far along they are in development, or why…

The Technology 202: Lawmakers fret about China’s investment in 5G

Washington Post Feb  7 10:00

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Lawmakers on both sides are already making it a top priority this Congress to …

Verizon Doubles Down on Mobile 5G in Millimeter Wave Spectrum

Light Reading Feb  7 09:40

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AT&T’s initial mobile 5G launch used the operator’s 39GHz spectrum, but AT&T said it …

US Government Reveals the Real Reason Behind Huawei 5G Ban

PhoneWorld Magazine Feb  7 09:20

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Among other tech giants, Huawei was also testing 5G technology from a long time and planning to launch it as soon as possible which it has launched …

T-Mobile Issues 2019 Outlook; Plans To Achieve Nationwide 5G Coverage Next Year

Nasdaq Feb  7 09:15

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( – T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS) announced, for 2019, the company expects postpaid net customer additions between 2.6 and 3.6 million.

Ahead of 5G, or a RAZR Reboot, Motorola Unveils New Low-Cost 4G Phones

Light Reading Feb  7 08:35

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Motorola launches its new G7 family of LTE phones in NYC. All use the Android 9.0 operating system. The photo-friendly G7 Plus comes in at $299, …

White House expects to take action on 5G, artificial intelligence soon

The Star Online Feb  7 06:35

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The White House will take “executive action” in the coming weeks to make sure the United States keeps its research and development advantage in …

China tests 5G self-driving bus

CNBCTV18 Feb  7 06:35

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China is conducting test run of a self-driving bus, assisted by the 5G mobile network, as part of its efforts to fast track 5G technology use, amid …

Samsung has high hopes for the Galaxy S10, foldable, and 5G phones this year

Boy Genius Report Jan 31 07:50

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Samsung on Thursday announced the results for the December quarter as well as the 2018 fiscal year, marking the second straight year of record annual results. However, the numbers for the fourth quarter were less than stellar, with Samsung posting drops of 10% (revenue) and 29% (profit) compared to the same period last year. Smartphone sales weren’t great for the company during the December quarter, but that’s hardly a surprise considering that Samsung’s 2018 flagship failed to deliver any excit

AT&T CEO: mmWave 5G Will be Fixed Broadband Alternative in ‘3 to 5 Years’

Light Reading Jan 31 06:30

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AT&T will build ‘mobile first’ 5G over 2019-2020, but Randall Stephenson says mmWave 5G is poised to be ‘true replacement opportunity’ for wired broadband services in the future.

LG G8 and LG V50 ThinQ could both land at MWC 2019, one with 5G

TechRadar Jan 31 06:00

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The LG V50 ThinQ will apparently also have a new gesture-based interface and is said to go on sale in Europe and the US in March, with Sprint listed …

HR 542 (IH) – Supporting Research and Development for First Responders Act

Agenparl Jan 31 03:25

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H.R. 542 (IH) Supporting Research and Development for First Responders Act. by Redazione Redazione 31 Gennaio 2019 00 …