Public Knowledge Says FCC Should Acknowledge Privacy in 911 Item

Public Knowledge Senior Vice President Harold Feld said the FCC should acknowledge privacy concerns in a fourth further notice of proposed rulemaking it plans to consider Friday proposing a z-axis, or vertical, location accuracy metric for indoor 911 calls. “In light of the FCC’s continued silence on allegations that carriers have misused information collected under the previous Enhanced 911 geolocation mandate, the complete failure of the FCC to even acknowledge privacy concerns in the [item] is deeply troubling,” Mr. Feld told TR Daily. “While Z-Axis information should still be considered CPNI under the 2015 [911] Order, it is clear that the precautions adopted in the ‘roadmap’ were insufficient to prevent carriers from releasing this information to location services used by bounty hunters. At a minimum, the FCC needs to reaffirm that carriers are required by law to protect this information, and consider whether new precautions should be required. Bluntly, the FCC’s ongoing silence on privacy is the sound of the dinner bell to unethical location services and data aggregators – and to the carriers that enable them.”

Courtesy TRDaily