Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, March 28, 2019

Return of FirstNet Authority and More. Sounds like a strange title until you realize that once the contract was awarded to AT&T to build and maintain the network, those in the field deploying the FirstNet network kept up the pace while the organization’s management seemed to disappear into obscurity. However, at the FirstNet Authority board of directors’ meetings last week, the acting CEO and the board developed a plan to move forward proactively in many new and positive ways.

Ed Parkinson, acting CEO and long-time public safety supporter, has done a great job putting together this plan and the board has responded in a positive way. There have been several times when the FirstNet Authority has been slowed by circumstances not under its control. The first incidence, in late 2013, slowed progress by almost a full year. In the latest case, there was not a CEO or President to drive it forward and the board of directors was short a few members. Now we have a full board and, from what I have seen, an acting CEO with a vision of where The FirstNet Authority needs to go, how to help continue building out the network, and identifying additional pieces and parts that make sense.

Instead of The FirstNet Authority management simply watching over the contract vendor, the new plan is to include the public safety community as more of a partner in this private/public partnership. Edward Horowitz, chairman of the FirstNet board, is quoted as saying at the meeting, “As we strive to fully realize the promise of FirstNet, we are engaging with public safety to chart a path forward for the network. Using their feedback, our Roadmap will advance the network and guide our investments over the next several years and beyond.” Read the Entire Column Here .

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FCC Sets Stage for Next Spectrum Incentive Auction at April Open Meeting

JD Supra Mar 28 10:15

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The FCC anticipates retaining OTARD rule exceptions for state, local, and private restrictions on antennas based on public safety issues or historic …

Fixed wireless and mobile hotspots lead first wave of 5G

RCR Wireless News Mar 28 10:15

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Fixed wireless and mobile hotspots lead first wave of 5G …

LMCC Submits New Interference Contour Matrix for 800 MHz Interstitial Channels

MissionCritical Mar 28 10:05

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The Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) submitted an updated interference contour matrix based on F(50/10) curves in response to the FCC’s October report and order (R&O) with updated Part 90 rules. read more

NTIA looks to boost lasting spectrum plan

Federal Computer Week Mar 28 09:15

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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is asking agencies for their 15-year plans when it comes to spectrum use.

Nextivity boosts Band 14 coverage indoors with Cel-Fi GO RED

RCR Wireless News Mar 28 09:15

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As public safety users leverage new applications and use cases that rely on …

Florida Lawmakers Push Bill To Improve 911 Response Time

WUSF News Mar 28 08:35

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And all public safety answering points should have the ability to communicate with first responders by radio. The Florida Police Chief Association’s …

T-Mobile Begins Rolling Out Home LTE Internet Service

ExtremeTech Mar 21 14:10

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T-Mobile’s obsession with consuming Sprint is aimed largely at expanding the carrier’s access to spectrum for the coming 5G battle, but its home …

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson discusses future ‘world without screens’ at DC luncheon

Tech Insider Mar 21 10:00

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AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson waved an iPhone as he was interviewed yesterday by Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein at the spring luncheon of the Economic Club of Washington, D.C.: We carry around these devices and they’re bigger than they should be, because there’s a lot of computing in here, there’s a lot of storage in here. When you get to 5G, all that computing, all that storage goes away – it’s back in…

China Mobile Hong Kong and Sino Group Jointly Present Hong Kong’s First In-Mall 5G Experience …

ACROFAN USA Mar 28 10:25

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Dr Li Feng, Chairman of China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK), said, ‘We are very pleased to work with Sino Group in developing the first 5G showcase, …

Nokia and A1 to deploy 5G equipment in Austria

Electronics360 Mar 28 10:20

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Nokia and A1 have signed a contract to expand next-generation 5G mobile communications in Austria with radio access and cloud-native 5G core …

Swedish Police Refresh TETRA Terminals with Sepura Devices

MissionCritical Mar 28 10:05

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The Swedish Police chose Sepura TETRA terminals, supplied through regional partner Swedish Radio Supply, to refresh the national police fleet radios. The new agreement confirms that deployment will begin in May, with the radios supported for two years with possible future extensions. read more

US Senators introduce Secure 5G and Beyond Act

VentureBeat Mar 28 09:25

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… proceed under the timelines and directives of multiple wireless carriers. …

AT&T iPhone update, doesn’t make it 5g Mar 28 08:40

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This week there was a new update for AT&T iPhone users for iOS 12.2. Sadly downloading the iOS 12.2 doesn’t mean that your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, …

Germany fires starting gun on 5G spectrum auction

Verdict Mar 28 08:25

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… 2018 and is focusing on developing various 5G use cases such as 3D holographic communications and smart factories amongst other applications.

The future of tech as seen by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

The New Indian Express Mar 28 07:15

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Nadella spoke about how 5G streaming and mixed reality with touch, gaze and speech functions across all platforms is the most significant technology …

Ford to deploy C-V2X technology in all its models in China Mar 28 05:15

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China is a world leader in the development of 5G technology. …

Secondary markets can pave the way for rapid 5G deployment

American Enterprise Institute Mar 21 14:55

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Indeed, other countries are already experimenting with 5G networks in this space. In 2018 the FCC, under orders from Congress to free up 255 MHz of …

Briefing: AT&T CEO accuses Huawei of blocking European carriers from shifting 5G suppliers

TechNode Mar 21 14:20

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AT&T CEO says China’s Huawei hinders carriers from shifting suppliers for 5G Reuters. What happened: On Wednesday, Randall Stephenson, …

City leaders pushing to make Charlotte the world’s first 5G city

Mar 21 12:19

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It’s the internet of things, and is a complex system of linked devices using the internet in ways you’ve never seen before. For example, your car could …

NIST pushes new encryption protocols for quantum, connected devices

Federal Computer Week Mar 21 09:24

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology is inching closer to developing two new encryption standards to protect the federal government from new and emerging cybersecurity threats.