Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, April 25, 2019

Waiting on Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (Data, Video). According to Motorola, its Kodiak Networks has developed the first Push-To-Talk (PTT) application for on-network use. On-network means the network hosts the application as opposed to an over-the-top application such as ESChat or Orion Labs, the other FirstNet-approved options. Motorola’s claim is that the Kodiak PTT solution as deployed in both the AT&T and Verizon networks (though not compatible across the two, I am told) is close to meeting the Mission Critical Push-To-Talk specification released by the 3GPP standards organization.

All that is needed, claims Motorola, is for companies to start producing Proximity Services (ProSe) chipsets, which Motorola claims remains the greatest hurdle to being fully MCPTT-compliant. I am using Motorola as an example here since it recently stated its PTT solution for FirstNet (Built with AT&T) works and is embedded in the FirstNet network. ESChat and Orion Labs are also certified on FirstNet. I find Motorola’s comments about ProSe to be peculiar coming from one of the premier Land Mobile Radio (LMR) companies in the world that for many years has built mobile and handheld radios that provide push-to-talk on public safety and business radio networks and further provides the capability for off-network push-to-talk.

Off-network push-to-talk, which I have written about over the years, is critical to the ability of those in the field to communicate with others even when a network is not available—either because they are out of network range or because they are deep inside a structure and cannot reach the network that may be available on the street. Simplex, talk-around, or whatever you want to call it is vital to the operation of the public safety community. It is used every day by police, fire, and EMS personnel. Simplex provides one-to-one and one-to-many communications to any unit in range of the transmitting unit. Read the Entire Column Here .

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The bill, filed last week, is called the 911 Saves Act and it would reclassify dispatchers as first responders, instead of clerical employees.

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Everyone’s a Winner in Apple-Qualcomm Settlement

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Verizon opens Galaxy S10 5G preorders as it announces 20 future 5G markets

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Robotics and Automation News Apr 25 09:20

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BT confident 5G will go beyond mobile

Mobile World Live Apr 25 09:15

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Helping Firefighters in Mission-Critical Rescues with 5G

Beth.Technology Apr 25 07:25

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Listen to this exciting dramatization of 5G and augmented reality alongside expert interviews with Verizon, and a disruptive startup, Mutable.

AT&T says 5G will be priced like home Internet”pay more for faster speeds

ArsTechnica: Infinite Loop Apr 25 07:01

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Users “are willing to pay a premium” for 500Mbps or 1Gbps, AT&T CEO says.

SoftBank and Google parent tie up on flying 5G stations for phone services using balloons and drones

Japan Times Apr 25 06:01

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Nokia CEO on 5G: ‘The question is not who wins, but how do we all win?’

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AT&T CEO Says 5G Phone Plans May be Tiered Based on Speeds

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Not All Wireless Technology Is The Same: The Differences Between 5G, Wi-Fi and DAS

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Huawei strives for cloud-native 5G core

Converge! Network Digest Apr 18 09:00

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